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Twice-Fried Tempura Chicken Bites

Course: Snack
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 5 servings


  • 8-10 chicken thighs boneless/skinless
  • 1 tbsp ginger minced
  • 2 tbsp garlic minced
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup sake
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp light brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups water ice cold
  • oil for frying


  • Slice any excess fat from the chicken thighs. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces, about 1 or 2 inches.
  • In a large mixing bowl or ziploc bag, combine ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sake, sesame oil, and brown sugar. Stir until the sugar has mostly dissolved.
  • Add chicken thighs to the marinade, cover/seal, and store in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight.
  • When your chicken is finished marinating, fill a deep pan or pot with enough oil to deep fry (I used an entire 32oz bottle of vegetable oil). Heat to 350F.
  • In another large mixing bowl, combine eggs, flour, and ice cold water.*
  • Coat a piece of chicken in the batter and gently drop it into the hot oil. Fry for 3-5 minutes until crispy and golden brown. Remove from the oil and place on a tray lined with paper towels.
  • Repeat until all chicken has been fried once.
  • By the time you have fried all of your chicken, the first piece you deep fried should be cooled down significantly. Repeat step 6 going in order from the first chicken you fried to the most recent to ensure that you are not double-frying extremely hot chicken.
  • Pat chicken dry with paper towels and serve with your favorite dipping sauce!


  • * Tempura only works if it stays super cold. You can either submerge the bowl of batter in an ice bath or let it sit in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes when it starts getting too warm during the cooking process. I recommend the ice bath method–running back and forth while you’re trying to fry chicken can be stressful.